Missions & Goals

The Skule™ International Transition directorship was established in the beginning of 2020 as a project directorship under The Engineering Society. The mission of this organisation is two-fold:

  • To aid the smooth transition of International Students into university life. This includes, but not is not limited to, learning to cope with homesickness, adapting to a new financial environment, adapting to Skule™, and so on.

  • To increase the engagement of International Students in Skule™ traditions, and affairs. Our faculty, and student government, has a plethora of resources and opportunities that International Students don’t use because they don’t know or have reservations. This organisation aims to close this gap in knowledge, and open new avenues for International Students to explore.

Being the charter year of this organisation, there is one main goal and three supporting goals for this academic year. The primary goal is to showcase the usefulness, and feasibility, of an organisation catered to International Students. To achieve this, the following three aspects were our main focus of the year:

  • To realise the core values of this organisation, and create a clear brand.

  • To create a malleable leadership structure that can most efficiently support International Students.

  • To collaborate with different organisations, and run initiatives, that help International Students cope with these unprecedented times.