Staying in Toronto From Last Semester to Now

– Brohath Amrithraj, Director

I had the option to go back home at the end of March, and I chose to stay back in Toronto. I chose to stay for two main reasons: time difference (+8 hours), and an inefficient home environment. I know that if I am home, I tend to be in “vacation mode,” and become a piece of log. In addition to that, the time difference would affect my sleep cycle and would be bad in the long run. I think it was a good decision to stay as final exams were approaching and I think it would’ve negatively affected my performance. I am still here today because I am doing semi-remote research, and a few clubs which cannot be done back home. This is the longest I have gone without being with my parents in-person so the main challenge was to decide between being with my parents, and studies/work. It was definitely a tough decision but in the end, it was better to be responsible than emotional which is easier said than done. It is not all that bad though, I speak to my parents every day, and even talk to my friends back home every once in a while. That really helps a lot. Now that we have the second lockdown in Toronto, the best advice I will share is to stay positive and focus on what you are here to do: study. Although I have come this far, I will concede that I will be the first to leave when it is safe to do so.